November 20:

  • AMAC was downloaded in France, United States, India, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Polan, Pakistan, Canada, Spain, Philippines, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Hungary, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Turkey, Japan, Trinidad and Tobago, Europe (specific country unknown), South Africa, Greece, Qatar, Sudan, Satellite Provider, Nigeria, Algeria, Austria, Iraq, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Serbia, Panama, Nepal, Lithuania, Cambodia, Georgia, Viet Nam, Venezuela, Ghana, Slovakia, Puerto Rico, Jersey, Kuwait, Denmark, Macedonia, French Guiana, Finland, Romania, Belize, Tunisia, United Arab Emirate, Palestinian Territory, Uganda, Sri Lanka !
  •  Thank you to everyone! 🙂 🙂
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