February 5:

What’s the futur of AMAC ?

Honestly I do not know! For now I’m working to my Naval Academy Mod for several reasons.

First I wanted to look into the naval aspect of the game. And it is much faster to do a mod on an existing game engine that to create one. This allows me to test the aspects of gameplay away at the moment of AMAC (naval part.) The Naval Academy Mod (NAM) has shown me that there is a reflection on the scale of the game. It’s difficult to have a counter representing a ship and a single plane. In NAM each plane’s counter representing a squadron of several planes…

Secondly, I think a lot of development. As begining, I used only C with SDL librairies. I wanted to see if I could start from scratch to make a full game. Now that this is done I wonder if this is the best choice. For the management interface, graphics, sounds, etc. well it is interesting to program at least once, but it is very slow! And as I program in my spare time (when you sleep) I’m seeing to do otherwise. As the use of dev. tools that will allow me to consacre myself to the core of the game.

So on the one hand, the current focus is continue to test the concept of the game with mod Naval Academy. And on the other hand find me a faster development environment. Because I have many other game idea / concept. 😉

In addition, I confess to being a little tired of AMAC. Of course there was a lot of downloading, but not enough feedbacks. 🙁 I have a lot more of my creations for BA… In addition to my free time is reduced. So there are difficult choices to make…

And I collected over $0 as support! In one year. Report this to the number of hours worked, this explains it well!

Reminder: I am not a professional video game and I’m not paid for what I’m doing here! So if you like what I do and want support me:

If I could at least reap the cost of hosting this site, my wife would be less against my games activities. 🙂

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