December 23:

  • One awful month to conclude an awful year for me! Remember that my wife is still gravely ill. An another car’s accident, system migration postponed at the last moment when everything was ready, and that all should be prepared again…  So I hope 2013 will be better!
  • I had planned to release a new version of AMAC for Christmas. I’m really far behind my expectations. It is not that there are many things, but mostly I do not have much free time. Well I hope to finish a new (big) version for AMAC before summer.
  • For AMAC the 700 downloads was reached!
  • I tested AMAC on an Android tablet. Although the interface has not been provided for this purpose, it was pretty fun. Well I’m cheating for this. There is not an android version of AMAC. But just run AMAC on a PC and remote control it with a tablet.
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