Battle of Ortona
“Little Stalingrad”


Highlanders, Ortona, December 10, 1943 (NAC/PA 163411).
source: http://www.jameshmarsh.com/2011/12/466/


This is a two scenarios campaign with carry over system.

Inspired but not realistic/historical scenario 😉



  • Unzip the Amaris_Ortona_V1.zip into the My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\Campaigns folder:

Sicily tileset: Amaris_Ortona.zip (989 downloads)

 Normandy tileset: Amaris_Ortona_V2.zip (987 downloads)

  • LST:

Sicily tileset:  Amaris_Ortona.LST (888 downloads)

Normandy tileset:  AMARIS-ORTONA.LST (1161 downloads)

Version 2: A reinforcement system was added:

From third turn you can call in reinforcements if the battle is too hard. You can request reinforcements every turn and up to three times.Reinforcements arrive the next turn.

Side: Commonwealth (Canada)

Lenght: 25 turns for each parts.

Size: 32×64

Missions: Capture VPs.

Background: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Ortona


  • With carryover’s system it’s very difficult to success the two part of the mission. This is a mission for grognard 😉
  • You must go slowly, use yours scouts to discover the ennemy ; urban fighting is deadly.

Force Selection:

Initial Start:




Making the map:

 Ortona (now – Google Earth)


Preview of map:



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