The Battle of Pegasus Bridge

Inspired but not realistic/historical scenario 😉

Lenght: ~80 turns (40 for britishs, 40 for germans)

Missions: At the end of the game, you must have control of the Horsa Bridge, the Pegasus Bridge and the Benouville’s crossroads.

Force Selection:

Initial Start:


  • You have only one Bren Carrier (arrives with reinforcements in turn 4), and is the only carrier for your mortars.
  • Mortars are your only supports, use them well.
  • Push hard to take the two bridges.
  • Be careful by advancing to Benouville.

Notes :

Fourth release : FINALE

  • Added an introductive picture – thanks to my friend Nicolas Bonnet.

Third release :

  • Added force selection, bren team and piat team are avaible.
  • The final german’s attack is stronger.

Second release :

  • Added lighting and shadow to render the night’s attack.
  • Added delay betwen the capture of Pegasus Bridge and the German’s counter attack.
  • Some change in the map for a better gameplay.
  • Added reinforcement from Sword Beach at turn 20.
  • Replace British Infantry by British Para :

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