Inspired but not realistic/historical scenario 😉

Lenght: 40 turns (20 for frenchs, 20 for germans)

Missions: You must capture four VPs, including the casino and his bunker.

Force Selection:

Initial Start:


  • Somes ‘news’ units (Free French Forces): French Commando is a British Para with new texture, French Infantry is an US ranger, French Mortar is a British Mortar, French Bren is a British Bren, French Piat is a British Piat, French Flamethrower is a British Flamethrower and French Jeep is the Tim’s long range desert jeep.
  • New object: US Landing Craft Infantry.
  • Morale system: Captain Kieffer has the ability to boost the morale of nearby units at the beginning of each round.
  • AI random placements for better replayability.
  • It is a difficult mission to complete the campaign, some achievements are very hard.
  • Attachment: this is a light version without LCIS for small configurations:

Riva-Bella Small (816 downloads)



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