Random Plugin

Random Map plugin for Battle Academy

 Install: Unzip the Ama_RandomMap.zip into the plugin folder of bbcba.

BA- Random Plugin (756 downloads)


  • River buttons:
    • ON or OFF – for the presence (or not) of a river along y-axis.
    • Large: width of the river (1-3).
  • Road buttons:
    • Roads x: 0 to 6 – the number of x-axis’ roads.
    • Roads y: 0 to 4 – the number of y-axis’ roads.
    • And when River = ON the number of x-axis’ roads is limited between 0 and 1, and y-axis’ road is limited betwen 0 and 2.
  • Town and Village buttons:
    • NBR: the number of town / village. 0 – 6 for town and 0-10 for village.
    • Size: the size of town / village. 4×4 – 8×8 for town and 1×2 – 3×3 for village.
  • Forest / Rough / Field / Mud Buttons: OFF to +++++: defines the density of each element (Forest / Rough / Field / Mud) on the map.
  • Tileset button: select a tileset (French – Bulge – Desert) to generate the map.
  • Create Map button: erases the current map and randomly generated according to the other settings.


  • This is a working version and it may remain some bugs 😉
  • The plugin adapts to the size of the map.
  • Depending on the size of the map, and the power of the PC used, the generation of map can be long.
  • The plugin generates only the map: no victory points, no troops. You can use the other plugins for that.
  • There is no hill (can’t generate them.)
  • Generate a new map erases the current map and randomly generated a new one according to the other settings. Except the units who are not affected by the plugin. Be careful to place them if you generate the map after they have been placed.
  • The safe method is to generate a map with plugin. Then it is advisable to rework by hand the generated map for best results. It is important not to do the opposite. Because if you place items on map (tiles, objects) and then you generate a map, everything will be cleared and a new map will be generated.

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