Naval Rules

Type of ships:

There are seven types of vessel:



  • Engine: one to three counters. Each loss of engine’s counter removes some action points. When a ship has no engine counter, he can’t move.


  • Fire-Fight System: there is only one per ship. Use to reduces fire counters (see below.)


  • Pump: there is only one per ship. Use to reduces hull leaking/waterways (see below.)


  • Turrets: there are front turrets and back turrets (see below.)


  • Shoots: indicates the number of burst (see below.)


  • Fire counters: Each type of ship has its own limit. When reached the ship sinks. (*)


  • Hull leaking/waterway: Each type of ship has its own limit. When reached the ship sinks. (*)


(*): For the moment. I think do a less linear system. 😉


  • There is no change on the move.
  • Against the possibility by turning in the same tile was removed.
  • So pay attention to the orientation of the ship by making your movements. (see below.)
  • Sometimes it is preferable to do a move on several step:



As already mentioned the orientation of a ship is important for fighting.  There are four arc defined as:



The combat system between ships use the bursts, where all the ship’s guns shoot at the same time on the same target. It is therefore important to shoot with front turrets and back turret. For this the target should be in the side arc:


Otherwise there is a penalty to burst (fire and damage):


Damage system:

When a shot penetrated the armor of a ship it is damaged. It can be a fire or a waterway. This will increase the associated counter. And remember that more turrets shoot more damage occurs. Of course the caliber of the shot is taken account.

In addition it is possible that the shot hits an important part of the ship. As the turrets, the engine, the FFS or the pump.

When a ship is on fire, and the crew is not fighting the fire, the fire will spread. At the beginning of each turn, the fire counters are increased if FFS was not actived in the previous turn.

The same with the waterways.

Special actions:

  • Fire-Fight: When a ship is on fire, it is possible to fight the fire. This costs action points (1/3 of max AP.) This will reduce the number of fire counter the ship. Note that it is still possible to fight a fire even if the FFS is destroyed. It simply becomes less effective. This action can only be done once per turn and per ship (if it has enough action points.)


  • Pump: This is the same thing but for waterways. Note that this is not possible if the pumps are destroyed.


  •  Torpedo attack: it’s a special attack available only for destroyer and submarine. Short range but heavy damage obligatorily with a waterway. This attack consumes the two shots of destroyer. And this attack is possible even if the two turret of the destroyer were destroyed .

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