Air Force

Currently the aerial part is very simple. I already worked on a more complex version. But it has some problems in multiplayer. 😉 This will be improved for the next version (v4) I hope.


Each aircraft carrier has a fixed number of squadron. Each squadron can perform a mission  per turn.

Type of mission:

  • Air defend: establish a defense squadron above carrier. A defense squadron will intercept any enemy plane within range (see below.)
  • Air raid: the squadron attack the selected target.
  • Air scout: The squadron will make an aerial reconnaissance at the chosen location. Reco area is reduced in case of interception.


  • In attack (air raid and air scout) aircraft have a range of 16 tiles.
  • In defense, aircraft have a range of 8 tiles.


  • Interception is automatic.
  • Each squadron placed defense can only do one interception.
  • An air scout intercepted will reco a reduced area.
  • An air raid intercepted will fail.

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