Pacific for Battle Academy

Naval Academy Mod v3 – Pacific for Battle Academy

A complete Mod for BA

VERSION : 2.03



(*): copy this link and use the user content for downloading.

Warning this is an alpha test so bugs and other problems are predictable. Specially on Ipad: THIS MOD IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD. Thank you for your patience.

Change Log:

– some new units: M3 Scout Car, Avenger, Kate, …

– some changes to the attributes of the units.

– increase AP for all type of units. Especially for aircraft.

– new UI for aircraft (like the men of infantry unit.) We have squadrons with more planes (18-21 planes by squadron.)

– improve dogfight system by introducing a new attribute for the aircraft, the maneuverability which will give a value of overall performance of the aircraft in dogfight. The morale is also very important for the dogfight.

– add the possibility to bomb an unrecognized tile for bomber planes.

– add torpedo bomber and torpedo attack (range=1)

– add the strafing attack for fighters/bombers. Work also on unrecognized tile.

– improve the ship movements: movement allowed only in the forward arc and add the possibility for the ships to turn limited to an eighth of a revolution with AP’s cost.

– improve the ship movements for have always one tile spacing between ships (the landing ships aren’t affected.)

– add the Japanese Morale Specific Rules.

  •  Solo part: the two firsts battles of [b]Guadalcanal campaign[/b]:

– Landing on Tulagi: 7-8 august 1942.
– Battle of Savo Island: 8-9 august 1942. Naval battle

  • MP part: the previous two battles with some modifications (essentially about CV and planes.)

Warning the units are not totally balanced. The battles either. Do not be shy and I welcome your feedback to further improve the mod to BA2.

Preview of the 1st battle of Guadalcanal campaign: Tulagi Landing



Preview of the 2nd battle of the Guadalcanal campaign:

Amaris versus AI: successfully crossing the “T”, so an US victory :mrgreen:





To play War in the Pacific (and more…)

Well I know the units/MP map is very symmetric! But at least the balance is easier. 😉

In addition, this mod is still in development!

Upcoming: Guadalcanal Campaign

A complete solo campaign with 9 battles
The general Road Map will be:
– release of v3 for testing.
– working on aerial part for v4. More corrections from v3 tests. See also for submarines.
– At this point we have the core fully functional.
– release of v4 for testing.
– working on v5: for more historicity, with the different characteristics of ships, more battles, …


  • Mac&iPad: copy the LST link below, launch BA, find the user content button (which is in mp screen on ipad) and past the link with + button.


  • PC: Download and unzip the file below  into the \My Documents\My Games\BBCBA\

  NAM-V3.ZIP (109 downloads)


Comments, feedbacks and suggestions are welcome on Slitherine forum 😉


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