Making a map

Making a map

I do not know if it’s the best way to do but it’s mine 😉

First I search on the internet many documents, photographs, maps, etc.. the place that interests me. I try to have a map or aerial photo giving me as much detail as possible, for example here is the photo that I used for the scenario The Merville Battery :

Now, I zoom (and possibly a rotation) on the part which interests me, I add a grid to fix me more easily. Then I draw over the important elements of the map (road, river, etc..)

And I have more than to transcribe the whole under the BBCBA’s editor, which I take several hours / days of work ….

The final result :

An another exemple (scenario Sainte-Mere-Eglise) : I started with this plan (found on the net) :

I turn and I zoom the map :

With the grid (roads, tracks, river and villages over drawed) :

With editor :

More detailed map :


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