Here are my 3D models created for Battle Academy

Warning: I provide ‘only’ the S4F file, the texture file and the icons files. You must add the new units into your squad.csv and your text1.txt file – and I don’t provide the stats of these units.

  • German 2cm Flak 30: [download id=”2925″]
  • German SDKFZ251/17: [download id=”2927″]
  • German Flakpanzer IV ‘Ostwind’: [download id=”2929″]
  • German JagdTiger: [download id=”2931″]
  • German Jagdpanzer Elefant: [download id=”2933″]
  • German Panzer IV F2: [download id=”2935″]
  • German Panzer I: [download id=”2937″]
  • German SDKFZ 250: [download id=”2939″]


  • German Panzer III J: [download id=”2941″]
  • USN Minelayer: [download id=”2971″]


List of upcoming models:

  • French 75mm Gun
  • German 75mm Gun
  • German 150mm Gun
  • German KS 750 sidecar
  • German Kubelwagen
  • US M3 Lee
  • US M3 Scout Car
  • US T19 HMC
  • US 105mm Howitzer
  • US Bofor 40mm
  • British Crusader III
  • British Valentine MKIII

more to come – stay stunned 😉