Amaris Modern Air Combat (AMAC) is a modern air combat PC game. It is tactical combat game in simultaneous turn (“We-Go”). It will have several mode, against the AI but also two multiplayer modes: hotseat and pbem.

AMAC is written in C, using the SDL librairies.

The game is currently under heavy development.

This means the game will be improved on a regular basis, so be sure to check back for new updates.

Even though I work in IT, I’m not a professional games programmer 😮

I long ago learned the C language and I always wanted to program my own game.

AMAC is my first game and my first win32 program, so don’t be too hard.

I’m working on this game in my spare time.

Support AMAC:

Amaris Modern Air Combat is developed by Amaris TaskForce:

Programmer: Amaris
Technical Advisor: Welk
‘Pixel Art’: Stinc3
Support Team: Trinity, IP & Wifi

IP, support team, at work!


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