“Take care, my friend; watch your six, and do one more roll… just for me.”

 AMAC II is a tactical air combat game on PC (Windows) in simultaneous turn (“We-Go”).

AMAC II is the sequel to the first AMAC.


Amaris Modern Air Combat 2

News of AMAC II

This is an home-brewed game made on my spare time.
I’m NOT a professional (for now :-p),
I’m NOT a company ! Not even an indy! Just an amateur 😉

It will offer new features:

  • Multi-resolution support:  from 800×600 to 1920×1080 (tested) / windowed or full-screen.
  • Replay function. Essentially for MP games.
  • More bigger map.
  • Map and plane editor.
  • Better flight model.
  • Better combat model.
  • and more 😉

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